Property Management cleaning services has been built on a reputation for quality & always at the forefront of any new technology. It’s a premier choice for superior office and facility cleaning. We are committed to our promise of top quality cleaning services. The cleaning service team are highly trained to provide a variety of services that are tailored to each tenant and include:

  • External & internal facades
  • Common areas, halls, elevators
  • Windows & skylights
  • Parking areas
  • Electrical & mechanical rooms


Property Management offers superior quality of security services that include designing, installing, monitoring, and servicing security systems. Our commitment to high standards is also evident in the products we use that feature the latest security equipment & technology.

Property Management dedicated security team are experts in their field and cover the following:

  • 24 /7 monitoring
  • Access control
  • Visitors Control
  • Visual Reports


Al Mazaya Property Management team offer a superior and professional customer service and invested in the latest high-tech call center through enhancing customer relation, displaying statistics and providing better office communication.
Al Mazaya customer service team ensure the following:

  • Excellence in delivering quality.
  • Trust to deliver solutions through surveys & statistics and teamwork to identify growth opportunities.
  • Receive complaints and customers request.
  • Loyalty Management.


Property Management maintenance service leadership team understand all of your maintenance needs through a fast, efficient & effective method in a time sensitive manner. We are proud to make your work simpler and more full-filling for all your facilities maintenance needs with our 24 /7 on calls and providing highest value to the building & offering comprehensive solutions with loyalty & innovation that include:

  • General repair service
  • Plumbing & electrical
  • Fire restoration
  • Leak repairs

Facility Management

Facility Management team encompasses multi- disciplinary activities and assures to provide a safe & efficient working environment.

The facility team have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and delivering services that range from:

  • Increase value of real estate assets
  • Space & Services management
  • Building maintenance
  • Administration & contract management


Property Management leading services utilize their extensive resources to find the most suitable space type available that best meets the tenant’s needs.

Our commitment is to provide personalized service to benefit the clients through our friendly experienced team that include:

  • Coordination with clients.
  • Signing contracts and sending proper documentation of leased outlets.
  • Long term relationship with the tenant.


Property management IT service provide first class IT support to tenants that are looking to take new opportunities through designing, creating and implementing tenants unique business processes. Our team of professionals are experts in computer network support.
Some of the services include:

  • Wired & hotspot wireless internet connectivity, VOIP telephony system.
  • IPTV service Data center service.
  • CRM System (Customer Relation Management Program).

Valet Parking Services

Property management offer a premier valet parking service delivering luxury of valet parking to its tenants dedicated to build trust & create value for tenants, visitors and property image.

With its distinguished staff, valet parking service features:

  • Total convenience & fast service
  • Full security
  • VIP treatment
  • Great hospitality


Al Mazaya Property Management is highly knowledgeable to offer very professional, unique & precise methods to advertise, that is customized for each premises. Variable rent covers indoor to outdoor advertising spots ensuring to be in prime locations with the most effective advertising channels that help in creating an extra value to the property.
This includes:

  • Digital signage & video walls
  • Elevator screens
  • Light boxes
  • Booths
  • Public address system

Rent Collection

Property Management offers various rent collection methods to make help collect rent from tenants and make it very simplified & on time. The experienced team ensure that the rent collection goes on smoothly through offering various easy payment methods. Property Management always aspires for exclusive & up-to-date technology through a new distinctive service that offers tenants an Online Payment of the rent from anywhere at any time. Through this service, we guarantee an easy, fast & safe way to pay your rent online. Online paying service offers a range of benefits, and one of the most important is that it saves one of your most valuable assets - time.

CRM (Customer Relation Management System)

Al Mazaya Property Management is adopting a Customer Relation Management System (CRM) throughout:

  • Build a client Portfolio of Assets to manage the operations smoothly.
  • Manage all the Real Estate Projects from marketing to servicing including renting, leasing financing, maintenance & operation.
  • Create an automated two way relation between Client and Property Management team and between Property Management Team & Service Providers.
  • Achieve a speedy process in Property Management activities & operation.
  • Optimize the client’s needs by an interactive built-in dash boards that can provide a high level overview of all assets